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Keeping You Informed: Covid-19 Employee Retention Credit (ERC) Facts and Resources

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noun | tax·cre·dit·o·logy | [tax creh-dit-ol-uh-jee]

  1. The scientific study of the structure, legislation and execution of government tax credits and tax incentives.
  2. A resource for all things Tax Credit related.

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On September 21, the House passed a Continuing Resolution that resolved objections from Senate Republicans. The CR will fund the government through December 11. The Senate is expected to vote…

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On September 10, 2020 the Commissioner, Large Business and International Division (LB&I) of the IRS issued a Directive which revises and clarifies the Directive dated September 11, 2017.  Both Directives…

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2020 Disasters Tax Relief Act / Disaster Tax Relief Act of 2020 A pair of competing Senate proposals to provide tax relief for victims of natural disasters (aside from the…

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While there has been no actual progress toward a new round of COVID-19 relief legislation, there is increasing pressure on Congress to do something before the end of the month….

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