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Keeping You Informed: Covid-19 Employee Retention Credit (ERC) Facts and Resources

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Success Stories

50,000 employee restaurant chain leverages advanced forecasting

Tired of missing forecasts that impacted quarterly earnings estimates, this national restaurant chain turned to us to improve performance and accurately forecast their WOTC benefit.


week implementation

forecast accuracy

The Background

This successful restaurant chain has grown to over 50,000 employees. Their growth has been fueled not just by opening new locations, but also by pursuing sustainable business model improvements that deliver meaningful cost reductions. With thin margins and a large WOTC benefit, the impact of variances versus estimates was a recurring issue for the CFO and tax department. We implemented our advanced forecasting model, consulting with the client to account for prior vendor pending submissions, creating a blended WOTC forecast that achieved 98% accuracy. No more CFO headaches.

TCC Approach

Seamless Integrations:

  • Our experience building powerful integrations with the client’s ATS meant our solution went live within weeks. Our improved efficiencies reduced the time candidates were spending on surveys, decreased applicant drop out and enabled the HR department to refocus their time elsewhere.

Invest in Technology:

  • By building out functionalities like automated data gathering from state WOTC certifying agencies, we increased credit visibility. Forecasts are updated as each new data point becomes available.

Comprehensive Approach to Data:

  • Our forecasting model is based on a unique combination of empirical and user-adjusted inputs. The calculations draw upon mass data sets to project the client’s monthly credit.

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