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Keeping You Informed: Covid-19 Employee Retention Credit (ERC) Facts and Resources

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Solutions / Work Opportunity Tax Credit

Strategic WOTC Solutions

A game-changing approach for the candidate experience and overall performance.

HR and Tax Unified

The challenge of

Our streamlined approach turns cumbersome 8850 and 9061 forms into simple online screenings that most applicants can complete in less than a minute.

The Optimal IS platform will:

  • Screen job applicants for potential tax credits
  • Calculate earned credit value
  • Generate tax packages to claim credits

Customizable and Flexible

With quick setup and configurable settings, your applicants are screened within days. We customize our solution to optimize your job applicants’ experience and fit your business objectives.

  • Match the screening look and feel to your careers site and corporate brand
  • Choose to add or delete questions and features
  • Focus on specific eligibility groups
  • Offer multiple languages


Optimal IS has pre-built integrations with most applicant tracking systems, and our standard APIs allow businesses to easily incorporate screening into your custom processes. We’ve simplified screening to identify WOTC-eligible hires faster and more effectively, resulting in maximum screening compliance that translates directly to your bottom line as more tax credits earned.


Our intelligent Optimal IS platform provides the information you need in an easy-to-read portal that gives a clear view into your WOTC activity.

The Optimal IS administration portal features:

  • Action-item alerts to HR managers and field operations
  • Reporting on pending applications
  • Forecasting
  • Program administration

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