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Keeping You Informed: Covid-19 Employee Retention Credit (ERC) Facts and Resources

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Work Opportunity Tax Credit

Don’t settle.  Expect the technology, service, and performance that your company deserves.

“TCC has raised the bar in the industry for WOTC.” - VP, Tax, Fortune 500 Restaurant

Implement Deliberately but Quickly

Implementation of a valuable WOTC program does not need to be painful. With a structured process and a professional implementation team, we deliver well-managed implementations smoothly and on time.

Experience a New Level of Reporting

The key to driving WOTC compliance and performance is access to critical metrics. While the industry follows 20 year-old lagging indicators, we leverage a powerful reporting engine and a proprietary set of lead measures that dig deeper and enable action.

Rely on Accurate Forecasting

Our next-generation WOTC forecasting platform provides clients with a unique combination of empirical and user-adjusted inputs. That blend controls for any variable that can influence the timing and amount of forecasted credits.

Leverage Seamless Integrations

We're constantly integrating with new HCM systems, new versions of our existing HR technology partner platforms, and proprietary client systems. We apply a proven process to ensure adoption of best practices to yield the highest results with minimal disruption or delay.

WOTC that works for Talent Acquisition

Maximizing Value While Meeting the Needs of a Challenging Recruitment Environment

Why do the largest national employers continue to switch to TCC?  Because we take WOTC to the next level.

With today’s ultra-competitive search for talent, enterprises cannot afford unnecessary disruptions to the candidate experience.  TCC’s innovative and flexible technology platform puts HR and Tax in control of their program.  Our tools offer endless configuration and customization options, as well as pre-built integrations with the largest and most respected Applicant Tracking Systems and Human Capital Management software solutions.

We help clients of all sizes, in all industries, with over 10 million candidates screened annually.

Our mission is to eliminate all barriers to Client Success.

We leverage an active approach to WOTC program management in every sense.

Achieving Client Success means:

  • Paying close attention to the candidate experience and incorporating new technologies and venues for tax credit screening.
  • Providing responsiveness and proactive communication to all stakeholders, whether it’s HR, tax, IT/IS, operations, finance or any other department in the enterprise.
  • Fully understanding the client’s needs and objectives, culture and unique business processes.
  • Providing flexibility to meet the client’s specific and individualized needs, even at the expense of mass-efficiency.
  • Developing and deploying innovative technology that provides utility to our client.
  • Developing and tracking insightful reporting and analytics that foster understanding and accountability in the delivery of our services.
  • Being culturally oriented to go above and beyond, treating stakeholders as though their business needs to be earned each day.
  • Breaking down barriers through the constant questioning of the status quo, challenging assumptions that stand in the way of improved performance and service.
  • Following a strict policy of transparency and honesty for ultimate accountability.
  • Through the unification of service and operations, delivering a seamless experience with centralized accountability.

To learn more about TCC WOTC services, please contact us below for a complimentary assessment and demonstration.

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