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TCC has raised the bar in the industry for WOTC.”

– VP of Tax, Fortune 500 restaurant

The TCC Advantage

Next-Level Reporting

The key to driving WOTC compliance and performance is access to critical metrics. While the industry follows 20-year-old lagging indicators, we leverage a powerful reporting engine and a proprietary set of lead measures that dig deeper and enable action.

Flexible Technology

Our tools offer endless configuration and customization options, as well as pre-built integrations with the largest and most respected applicant tracking systems and human capital management software solutions.

Client Success

We help clients of all sizes, in all industries, with over 10 million candidates screened annually. Our mission is to eliminate all barriers to client success. We leverage an active approach to WOTC program management in every sense.

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Tim Cate
VP, Strategic Accounts
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VP, Products + Solutions
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VP, Sales
LaRae Pieroni
Chief Operating officer
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VP, Staffing Industry Services

Leading Technology

Complete Flexibility

On-the-fly configurability for almost any candidate experience, regulatory change or update.

Seamless Integrations

Pre-integrated with most major applicant tracking systems and custom integrations with proprietary API set.

Candidate Experience

Minimized candidate drop-out and opt-out, fully compliant and averaging under 90 seconds per screen.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit FAQs

WOTC is a federal tax credit program that encourages employers to hire individuals from targeted groups including military veterans, certain unemployed individuals, and the 50 million members of families receiving public assistance.

The TCC approach to WOTC is to focus on a technology-driven solution and support it with the industry’s best analytics and service. Our innovative and flexible technology platform puts your HR and Tax teams in control of their program, fits within your hiring process, and is as frictionless as possible for the candidate. Our tools offer endless configuration and customization options, as well as pre-built integrations with the largest and most respected Applicant Tracking Systems and Human Capital Management software solutions.

By combining this integration capability with a very succinct but effective WOTC survey, we ensure that all candidates navigate through the WOTC process, while minimizing opt-out rates, application drop rates, and maximizing eligibility. At TCC, we understand the value of attracting and securing top talent. We are committed to helping our clients create a positive and intuitive employee experience, from the start. 

With today’s ultra-competitive search for talent, enterprises cannot afford unnecessary disruptions to the candidate experience. Some of the world’s largest employers are delighted by our unparalleled support, unique metrics and data analytics, including our reporting on key performance indicators, such as screening compliance, eligibility rate and certification rate.

TCC screened over 6 million candidates for WOTC over the past 12 months. With our current pool of web application servers, we can accommodate 10 times that volume (i.e., 60 million screenings per year). With this expertise, we offer a frictionless candidate experience that minimizes candidate drop-out and opt-out rates. And we closely monitor the amount of time it takes to complete our WOTC survey. The average length of time to complete our survey is approximately 90 seconds. For those eligible candidates, the average completion time is 111 seconds. Since a majority of TCC screening occurs via web, our system can easily scale up from that by adding web servers without any software changes, for increased capacity as needed.

TCC offers paper, live operator or IVR call-in and web-based screening options, including integration with clients’ Applicant Tracking System(s)—using a proprietary API set—or through an embedded or stand-alone link to the survey. Additionally, on-the-fly configurability is available for almost any candidate experience, regulatory change or update. Naturally, all our web-based screening options render effectively to mobile devices. 

TCC created a proprietary system to automatically monitor state WOTC online systems using web-crawler technology. This system enables TCC to continuously audit the application lifecycle of submissions and determinations. TCC automatically logs confirmations that applications have been received by the state, requests for additional documentation, denials, and certificates. This enables TCC to account for every application and to ensure the state responds to every application. This real-time information enables TCC to identify fluctuations in processing times and volumes at the target group level. With this information, TCC communicates directly with state workforce agencies to discuss changes in processing and opportunities to improve turnaround times or certification rates. TCC periodically visits state workforce agencies to understand variations in processing and help resolve various issues.

TCC is one of a select few firms that is a board member of National Employment Opportunity Network (NEON), which indicates the highest level of participation), an association of industry leading firms in which members collaborate to advocate for the program at the federal and state levels. This group monitors state processing timelines by comparing the results among the leading service providers. The group also works together to identify how changes in state personnel or technology impact processing. 

Yes, we can do that. At TCC, we pride ourselves on our flexibility and have experience supporting custom integrations on purchased Applicant Tracking Systems for many clients. Additionally, we are adept at implementing clients with multiple Applicant Tracking Systems, including homegrown systems. For example, TCC has implemented a client that has corporate and distribution center employees, and retail hires, all on different systems. TCC was able to accommodate all three groups, with retail being a custom integration.

One of the best parts about our flexible tax credit interfaces is how quick it is to turn on the service. Typically, the process takes about a week to get activated. Our clients appreciate our flexibility and agility, as few internal leaders are comfortable tackling big, cumbersome projects, this day and age. So the TCC WOTC solution can be turned on quickly, efficiently, and it’s not going to be something that “bogs you down”.

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Next-Generation Platform.
Seamless Integrations.
Quick Setup.