Sales & Use Tax Incentives

Nationwide experience informs our state by state focus.

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Our clients say:

TCC’s thorough approach saved us over $4 million in indirect tax.”

– Senior Director, Tax, Fortune 100 Retailer

The expertise to identify and deliver

Cutting Edge of Tax Consulting

TCC invests in gaining an intimate understanding of how our clients create and deliver their products and services. Understanding the nuances of how a business operates reveals overlooked areas of indirect tax savings. TCC’s insight often reveals new applications of existing SUT exemptions. In some cases, this has led to private letter rulings by the local taxing authorities.

Honing in on material value

TCC’s nationwide experience has built up an extensive knowledge base. We leverage that to identify and deliver state-specific exemptions with material value. As a proof or concept, TCC provides a complimentary estimate of the value utilizing sample data. Opportunities can then be ranked according to benefit, risk and required resources.

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TCC delivers tax incentive and human resources technology-enabled services.