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Keeping You Informed: Covid-19 Employee Retention Credit (ERC) Facts and Resources

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Disaster Zone Incentives & Hurricane Tax Relief Credit

Help when disaster hits.

"TCC does not miss a beat.  They found a huge missed opportunity, twice!"  - VP, Tax, F500 Manufacturing

Our Approach

Our first step with clients is to collaborate on choosing the appropriate metric for measuring operability. We look at operation levels heading into, during and coming out of the disaster as compared to when significant operations resumed. The key is to identify a metric that's measurable and supportable with data.


Possible metrics for measuring operability include (compared to pre-disaster levels):
• Sales volume
• Production output
• Total workforce hours or number of who worked
• Physical damage to building
• Inventory levels

Our Flexibility

When pulling in payroll to generate this credit, TCC always prioritizes flexibility. Our technology was built with agility in mind, because it’s just not always practical for a client to provide data according to our ideal specifications. In finding a way to yes, we identify alternatives that avoid burdening our client.


On the heels of a natural disaster, there are more questions than answers. TCC delivers the clarity companies are looking for. Our guidance is informed by our active role in the state and federal legislative efforts relating to tax incentives and by our 20+ years of experience.

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