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Eliminate 100% of the Workload. Improve Employee Experience. Reduce Risk.

uConfirm® verifications provide the essential employment and income data that you need in a timely and cost-effective manner. Eliminate 100% of your verification workload.

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The day we signed with uConfirm was the best day of my life. I don’t do ANY verifications anymore.”

– Payroll director, Fortune 100 healthcare company and client for 9+ years

Advantages to Outsourcing Employment and Income Verification

Custom Reports

Output VOEI reports contain all essential data points, employer’s logo and may be enhanced with custom data fields meeting the employer’s unique specifications.

Protect Employees

We protect your employees by blocking bulk requests of SSNs from collection agencies.

Easy Data Exchange

Employee data files may be provided in the current vendor’s format to expedite the implementation process.

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Secure, Confidential and Private Verifications

Iron-Clad security

Providing SOC 1 & 2, Level 2 audited controls, service infrastructure redundancy, full data backup, monthly penetration testing, intrusion detection and more.

Made in the USA

100% of our service model is based in the USA–from call centers and user support to developers and data center.

State-of-the-Art Portals

Access to intuitive online portals utilized by verifiers, employers and employees to secure VOEI reports on a ‘self-service’ basis instantly.

Employment and Income Verification FAQs

With interest rates at historical lows, requests for employment and income verifications are on the rise, due to so many new mortgages and other lending. Similarly, these verifications are required for residential leasing. Additionally, with so much churn in the workplace, growing companies and job switchers are dividing the need for background screening associated with an increase in hiring. We’re also seeing development of new use cases for automated verifications.
  • Employers engage TCC (uConfirm®) to manage the fulfillment of inbound verification requests by third-party verifiers and employees themselves.
  • uConfirm manages an implementation which includes a payroll integration and a verifier routing plan.  Implementation last 10 – 14 weeks on average.
  • Commercial verification requests are submitted by pre-credentialed verifiers (for FCRA compliance) and are fulfilled instantly by the system.  (Income verification requests are manually reviewed for proper authorization prior to fulfilment.)
  • Social services requests are fulfilled in specific workstreams based on the requesting agency and request process (fax, mail, etc.)
No fees are charged the employer.  Instead, third party commercial verifiers (lenders, pre-employment screening firms, landlords, etc.), pay transaction fees via credit card or billing terms.  Unpaid verifiers such as employee self-service or social services agencies are serviced without cost.
  • Dissatisfaction with current vendor’s process, technology and service and security levels
  • High level of service to employer and employees
  • Coverage of all categories of requests (not just commercial)
  • Employee experience
  • Flexibility of data feed
  • Customization of reporting
  • Added features such as immigration and travel letters, public loan forgiveness documentation, seniority documentation, etc.
That’s a great question! Actually, If you have been with your vendor for 5 or more years, you may not know what additional benefits are available now. There have been a lot of changes in this industry over the last decade resulting in additional workload being eliminated, enhanced customer service, a better employee experience and a significant cost savings. So, we always recommend that employers do a side-by-side comparison every couple of years to make sure they have the best service for their employees.
uConfirm is unique in that our service is provided from end-to-end at no cost to the employer, their employees or social service agencies. There are no implementation fees, ongoing monthly or annual fees and not even an early termination fee. You are never locked into a long-term agreement and can terminate at any time. The only fee associated with the service is to the commercial verifiers (banks, lenders, etc.) who pay a fee for the instant information, which is standard practice in the industry.
Absolutely! We built our application to be highly customizable to allow us to meet the unique needs of each industry from high tech, healthcare to manufacturing. It is not a one size fits all product that you are forced to fit into. Instead, we have utilized our customizations to address challenges such as reporting acquisitions, contractors, shift differentials, salary schedules (9 months vs 12 months), etc. Each employer can customize the report to their unique needs.

uConfirm®, a TCC company, provides the essential employment and income data that you need in a timely and cost effective manner.

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Eliminate 100% of the Workload.  Improve Employee Experience. 
Reduce Risk.