HR Professionals Know the Link Between Employment Verification and Employee Retention

More than 40 million Americans voluntarily quit their jobs every year, and it takes thousands of dollars in recruitment, onboarding, training and retention efforts to keep workers on staff. Companies are doing whatever they can to keep employees engaged and happy. Typically, this involves providing salary, benefits and other perks. However, employers should not overlook the impact of employee services, such as verification of income and employment, on the employee experience.

Can Employment Verification Impact Employee Engagement?

Companies create wellness programs, offer training and education and supply snacks and coffee to hardworking employees to keep them happy. However, millions of Americans still leave their jobs every year. While a lack of growth and advancement opportunities within the company fuel many of these defections, more intangible factors can also trigger employment changes.

Companies struggle with developing the right culture and supporting their employees to keep morale high. However, if employees don’t feel supported during employment verification processes, it may have a huge impact on their personal lives.

It’s important to remember that although lenders, landlords, potential employers and government agencies may be among the verifiers requesting this information, it’s ultimately affecting your employee directly when it’s not a streamlined process.

Can Outsourcing Your Employment Verification Be an Easy Win?

Outsourcing your verification of employment can help the process go more smoothly, resulting in an easy win for employee morale. On the other hand, delays in employment verification can cost employees valuable time and may have larger impacts. In order to avoid unnecessary resentment, work with a reputable employment verification vendor to ensure your company offers secure, timely and smooth employment verification.

Can your Employment Verification Process Help Retain Employees?

Employers don’t always offer all the information they capture to those requesting employment verification. Some companies will only verify start and termination dates. Others offer salary information, responsibilities and whether the person quit or was involuntarily terminated.

Employee retention history provides a strong indication of what you can expect in future turnover rates. So, use the data captured by your employment verification vendor to keep your workers happier longer.

When working with a third-party vendor, it is best to start with a discovery meeting to brainstorm ways that you can look at your employment verification system as a whole. In these meetings, you can discuss your needs when it comes to processing requests for verification of employment as well as what data points the vendor can capture to add insights into employee retention, morale and related issues.

For example, it’s equally important to have an employment verification system that works for former employees, especially long-term ones. The experience they have with your company after they leave can impact what they tell prospective employees about your business.

You can also tie offboarding data into your employment verification system. By interviewing long-term employees who are ready to retire or move on to other ventures, you can get a good sense of what employee morale strategies have worked and which ones have not over the years.

Long-term employees can hold the key to understanding elements that make employees stay and what drives some away. Once you figure out where things go wrong for individuals or groups, you can develop motivational techniques that increase morale and reduce staff churn.

Partner with the right vendor for comprehensive verification of employment service that helps employees get the assistance they need at important stages in their life. In the process, the vendor can provide rich data to help your company maintain employee goodwill and morale while reducing turnover.

Learn how to outsource your verification of employment requests today.

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