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Keeping You Informed: Covid-19 Employee Retention Credit (ERC) Facts and Resources

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TCC is the fastest growing firm in the tax incentive advisory and processing industry. We continue to introduce new services and technology to the marketplace. As a result, more and more Fortune 500 companies and Mid-market firms turn to TCC each month. This translates into exciting growth opportunities for our team members.

What we offer:

  • Growth and recognition: We look for conscientious, contribution-oriented individuals that can make a significant impact to our team. We recognize great talent and a great attitude, and we reward team members who exhibit both with increased recognition and responsibility.
  • An impressive network: Our clients include some of the most respected and exciting brands in the world. Our team members get to work with great companies of all sizes and great people in various functions and industries.
  • Opportunity without limits: We are a meritocracy. We respect integrity, vitality, talent and hard work. We look for strengths in our people that we can build on. We don’t put limits on our people’s potential.
  • Family: We want individuals who love our people and our culture. We have a great team of people with positive attitudes who are motivated by accomplishment. We want our team members to love coming to work and making a difference with clients and other team members. We want TCC to be a home for great people.

What we’re looking for:

  • Diversity: We want people from diverse backgrounds and experiences that can enhance our team and our work environment.
  • Contribution: We want you to focus on how you can add value to our clients and our organization.
  • Positive attitude: We want you to add to a proactive, positive energy in our workplace.
  • Creativity: We want you to approach opportunities and solve problems in new ways that represent improvements to our organization. We want you to be energized by challenges and get motivated by creating the best solution.

TCC is an equal-opportunity employer. We offer competitive compensation, vacation and benefits.

Current Job Openings

Manager, R&D, Nationwide, CA United States Full Time

Senior Client Analyst, Nationwide, GA, United States Full Time

Client Analyst, GA, United States Full time

Manager, State and Client Performance, Nationwide, GA United States Full Time

Manager, Human Resources, GA, United States Full Time

Process Manager, Tax Credits, GA, United States Full Time

Operations Specialist, Tax Credits, GA, United States Full Time

Customer Service Representative, Tax Credits, GA United States Full Time

Account Manager, Tax Credits, GA, United States Full Time