Why Tax Credit Co.?

We Make WOTC Easy

Technology: Our next-generation cloud-based platform, Optimal Incentives System (Optimal IS), automates the entire WOTC process. We’ll screen job applicants for potential tax credits, manage agency submissions and calculate earned credit value using Optimal IS pinpoint accuracy.

Integration: Our Optimal IS is easy to set up, easy to work with, and fits seamlessly into your existing workflows and applicant tracking system.

Flexibility: We make the screening process customizable. Maintain the look and feel of your site. Ask the questions you want to focus on, get reports the way you want them and experience a solution tailored to your business needs.

Performance: Our integrated, streamlined process increases compliance to ensure minimum 95% completion rates. We ask screening questions the right way, so you see a rise in WOTC qualifications and incentives almost immediately.

Transparency: Because our entire solution is electronic, you’ve got the information you need at your fingertips. Our system’s unique set of management features provide dashboards, reports and alerts to highlight opportunities to increase credit capture. The portal provides real-time visibility into reports and forecasting, something you won’t find anywhere else.

Simplicity and speed: Tax Credit Co. simplifies WOTC programs by managing the entire process, end-to-end. Set-up is fast and pre-integrated with most applicant tracking systems, so you can get started earning incentives faster than any other WOTC solution.

Trust and Experience

Tax Credit Co. handles some of the largest and most complex WOTC implementations in the industry, screening over 10 million people for WOTC eligibility annually at tens of thousands of client locations nationwide.

We know that employers don’t have time to invest in complicated tax credit programs. See why some of the nation’s most successful organizations trust us to fully maximize their WOTC potential.