Our R&D Services

Our Service Philosophy

We have a simple philosophy for R&D: "Be effective. Be efficient." It drives our work in every action we take, and helps us keep your R&D credits cost-effective and protected against audit.

When you’re considering an R&D service, ask these key questions:

  • → How is your process or study methodology going to get me through IRS examination?
  • → What is the total cost to me of realizing this benefit?
  • → What is the impact to business operations?

With audit protection, exceptional ROI, and streamlined approach, the TCC service package takes you from ideation to credits earned seamlessly and effectively.

Maximized. Mitigated.

Our proprietary 30-step process documents and substantiates your eligible R&D credits using a gate-based review process that ensures the highest level of quality and audit protection. We handle the complexities to make R&D work for you, with customized methodologies and deliverables tailored to your business.

  • → Maximize and sustain R&D credits
  • → Minimize administrative burden
  • → Manage risk mitigation

Our process creates the required nexus between qualified research expenses (QREs) and business components, even when no formal time tracking exists – a critical issue for the IRS.

Our Proprietary Process

Our 30-step process is vetted to stay current with IRS requirements, and was developed by a former Big 4 IRS controversy leader specializing in R&D tax credits, with input from an external consulting firm consisting of ex-IRS engineering territory managers.

Our unique gate-based reviews are based on quality and transparency. This collaborative approach involves you, as client stakeholders, in driving decisions regarding methodology, scope of study, and risk tolerance.

  • → Gate 1: Methodology review
  • → Gate 2: Quantitative review of calculation with risk-based analysis
  • → Gate 3: Final deliverable review

Already claimed a credit? Our experts can review your credits and documentation to evaluate opportunities to optimize your claims and audit process.

What You’ll Get

Quantitative and Qualitative Approach: Our team will speak with your subject matter experts to calculate the R&D credit, and support the credit by preparing technical reports demonstrating qualification.

  • → Audit-Roadmap: We’ll provide a carefully designed audit-roadmap to enable the IRS to verify your claim, but flexible          enough to be easily adapted if the IRS imposes its own independent audit plan.
  • → Mandatory IDR response: Your business will receive a set of customized deliverables, including a completed                        Mandatory IDR Response – something you won’t find anywhere else.

Experts at Every Stage

We embed controversy experts in each project and follow a stage-gate review to develop a sustainable claim. Our team will present risk analyses and alternative credit scenarios to ensure that you can make an informed decision based on your Company’s risk tolerance. We will provide recommendations for the future and work with you to transfer the methodology in-house if requested.

Your dedicated R&D group will include a set of cross-functional specialists assigned to every engagement:

  • → R&D and controversy attorneys
  • → R&D technical and industry specialists (e.g. engineers)
  • → R&D tax specialists

All projects include oversight from senior managers assigned to every engagement, all of whom have at least ten years of Big 4 experience.