Why Tax credit co.?

We take the confusion out of ACA complexity

The Affordable Care Act is one of the most complex laws in history. And because it’s new this year, the truth is that no one has proven that they can satisfy these obligations. So how do you choose a firm to handle your ACA compliance solution?

In a word: experience.

Tax Credit Co. has dedicated the past two decades to unraveling complex regulatory programs. In the process, we have created a successful record of handling large unwieldy datasets, providing solutions that hold up under IRS scrutiny, and serving our clients’ needs.

We take on your problems as though they are our own. And although we’ve developed cutting-edge technology to tackle these problems, our professionals understand that no solution is one size fits all.

Our Advantage
  • We accept your data as it comes.
  • We shepherd you through the regulatory requirements.
  • We guide you on configuration decisions.
  • We take ownership of the results.
What does this approach mean for you?

  • Direct Access to ACA experts. Our team of ACA professionals is here whenever you need us to answer your questions and guide you through the complex compliance and reporting landscape.

  • Raw data and that’s all. No more time-consuming data transformations. No more complicated reports. No more second-guessing. Leave the data validation and analysis to us.

  • Audit-ready reporting. Because we know the project doesn’t end when the forms are filed. With fully validated data, accurate forms, a comprehensive methodology statement, and a team of ACA specialists in your corner, we empower you to take on the IRS when they come calling.

  • Evolving knowledge base. As regulations change and evolve, so does our expertise. We’re the leaders in educating our clients and other professionals, and you can be sure that when there are modifications to ACA rules, you’ll be the first to know.

Tax Credit Co. Experience

When we took on the Affordable Care Act, we put our experience front and center to study the rules and regulations, develop a logic engine, and apply it to an airtight solution that holds up under audit.